No mo Joe!

Whether you refer to your morning dose of caffeine as your cup-of -joe, espresso, cappuccino, brew, java, mocha, mud or perk, we all “need” it, or at least we think we do!

My own caffeine dependency developed when I started college where my 8:00 am classes felt like 5:00 am classes. Especially after spending the previous night cramming for an exam. Needless to say, caffeine was a must!

It seems like once you’re hooked, you’re a complete zombie without it. And I don’t know about you but I don’t want to be dependent on anything if I don’t have to be!

The Negative Effects of Caffeine to your Health

Moderate consumption of caffeine is not harmful to most people, but lets reiterate what “moderate” consumption actually means. It has been said that a moderate amount of caffeine is between 300-400 milligrams per day, which is about 3-4 8-ounce cups per day.

At my own personal peak I was probably consuming 3-4 12-ounce cups per day. It felt like the more I drank the more I needed because my body just got used to always being pumped full of caffeine and I never felt whole without it.

Now right off the bat there are some negative effects of caffeine or more specifically coffee, that are obvious. Such as staining your teeth, bad coffee breath and of course the crash, which usually results in needing more caffeine. However there are some less obvious negative effects to keep in mind as well.

It is said that caffeine can affect your blood pressure and make it rise for 2-3 hours after the consumption. It can also negatively affect your sleep schedule causing insomnia in some cases. Caffeine consumption can also lead to indigestion if consumed on an empty stomach and can cause headaches or even migraines. In addition it can inhibit collegian production in the skin for really heavy caffeine consumers.

And just think about all the sugary drinks you’re consuming just to get your caffeine fix? All the extra calories you’re consuming when drinking your specialty coffee drinks, energy drinks and of course soda!

But guess what… there are other options!!

Welcome to your Caffeine FREE life!

If you’re like me these days, your not drinking coffee for the caffeinated benefits, nope, we’re past that by now!

But I will say there is something about having a nice hot yummy beverage in the morning, mine these days just happens to be caffeine free, because there are other ways to get your fix without your morning joe.

B vitamins help assist your body in metabolizing your food, and are essential in your body’s energy production, adding more B-6 and B-12 to your diet can naturally boost your energy.

Protein is another great way to feel a boost in mood and help maintain your energy levels. I know if I eat a bunch of lack luster food (aka junk food) I feel a slight sugar rush that quickly fades away along with what little nutrients they contained as well. But if I have a protein packed lunch or dinner, it fuels my body for longer, without spikes and without crashing!

Natural herbs are also a great replacement option, after consulting your doctor of course! For example: Shizandra berry extract has been known to boost energy along with citrus!

Lemon water, is a well-tested energy booster that not only increases your energy in a clean way but also hydrates, oxygenates and detoxifies the body.

Now I’m not saying that I never have caffeine, or that I don’t have the occasional sugary and well caffeinated drink from my favorite coffee shop, but I’ve cut down a lot and you can too!

There are plenty of vitamins, herbal teas and even herbal powders that you can consume in place of your caffeine that can maintain your energy levels the same way, only healthier!

We don’t have to be slaves to our morning (and afternoon…and evening) coffee any longer!

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Paige Peterson


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