5 Outdoor Party Essentials!

Summer is nearing its end and if you haven’t taken advantage of the sunshine yet, it’s time! One of the easiest ways to enjoy the outdoors and your loved ones is with a good old outdoor party or BBQ! So I’ve created a list of my top 5 party essentials that I believe can help elevate any outdoor party… in addition to delicious food and good company, of course!

1. Reusable Plasticware & Straws

I think it’s time we all graduate from the solo cup and buy a set of outdoor or even just reusable plasticware, for our outdoor gatherings. I suggest getting plates, bowls and cups for soft drinks, but also be sure to get some fun margarita and other plastic cocktail cups for the adults as well. There are tons of pattern options, and small sets aren’t usually that expensive. So if you have a themed party coming up, I’m sure there’s a set out there to match! And don’t forget to also stock up on reusable straws for you and your guests. Using reusable glassware will not only help reduce the amount of trash your parties can produce but you’ll also save money in the long run by not having to restock every year!

2. Portable Bluetooth Speaker

I also think a portable speaker is one of the best things you can have at any party, indoor or outdoor!  What party doesn’t need music, whether for ambience or for getting the party started! And there’s no shortage of speakers you can get either. You’re going to want a Bluetooth speaker, that way anyone’s cell phone can be connected, giving you and your guests the ability to play your favorite playlists.  Be sure to look for water/weather resistant speakers that way it stays safe from the elements during your outdoor get-togethers.

3. Backyard Hammock

After eating a large burger and visiting  with your guests, you may need to take a little rest and relaxation time. One of my favorite things my parents ever bought for the backyard was a self-standing hammock. You don’t need two perfectly spaced trees, there are now many hammocks that can stand up on any flat surface that’ll support its metal frame.  The weightlessness that hammocks provide is great for relaxing and feeling like you’re on a beach, while still in the comfort of your bustling backyard!

4. String Lights & Tiki Torches

If you live in a rather hot and humid climate, you may wait until the sun is far out of view before stepping outside.  Another great way to decorate and illuminate your outdoor party is with some good lighting.  One of my favorite ways to light up any outdoor space, is string lights. Again, there are many types to choose from and most are relatively inexpensive, but they can be used year after year, not to mention for Christmas too! And if you’re trying to light up your entire backyard, and perhaps need to ward off mosquitoes too, try tiki torches! They’ll give your backyard a beach vibe and hopefully help keep your outdoor space bug free all night long.

5. Marshmallow Roasting Sticks

And finally, one of my favorite gadgets to use at outdoor parties are marshmallow roasting sticks! Not only are they great for kids and s’mores, but they can allow everyone to be involved in the cooking process. From hot dogs and bratwurst to fire roasting banana splits, everyone can enjoy cooking over an open flame or grill with a marshmallow roasting stick!

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