Body Masks!

So at this point we have talked about masks for your hair, face and neck…but, believe it or not, you can actually mask other parts of your body too!

Similar to face-masks, body-masks can be used to detoxify, hydrate, refine and stimulate the skin. And surprisingly there are many different mask formulations for different skin types and goals!

Some masks can be used on both face and body, but the skin on your body is going to have different needs and sensitivities than your face. So in my opinion it’s best to have options for both, and luckily there are plenty to choose from!

So what kind of body masks are there and which one should you pick?



5 Most Common Body Masks


1. Hydrating

  • This time of year (winter) hydration is my biggest concern! This type of mask is usually a mud or cream consistency and will require you to apply and then rinse it off when finished. They typically contain fatty acids & antioxidants to help protect the skin while also containing properties to promote healthy and nourished skin.
  • Recommended for: Dry Skin



2. Brightening

  • Also usually found in a mud or cream form a brightening mask usually contains citrus extract of some kind for its brightening effects. These masks are also filled with antioxidants to help nourish the skin while reducing inflammation and dark spots.
  • Recommended for: Aging Skin, Dark Spots


3. Exfoliating

  • These types of masks can have many different formulations. Usually a thicker mud like formula that contains exfoliating beads or another abrasive agent. Best for removing dead skin cells and deep cleaning. If you have sensitive skin choose a less abrasive mask then work your way up as needed.
  • Recommended for: Dry/Flaky skin


4. Detoxifying

  • Charcoal is great for detoxifying your hair, face, and (you guessed it) your body too! A charcoal infused mud mask is great for getting gunk out of your pores and helping you feel squeaky clean. Many even have a cooling effect making it very refreshing! Great for after sweaty workouts!
  • Recommended for: Congested Skin, Clogged Pores


5. Tanning

  • This is new to me, but if you have ever used an at home tanning mousse, it’s the same process. You’ll apply the tanning body mask and leave it on for the allotted time or with some you can sleep in it like self-tanner. The body mask will gradually give your skin a tanned glow, but it also contains many nourishing and soothing ingredients that are improving your skin at the same time.
  • Recommended for: All Skin types


Bottom Line

As an at home self-tanner I have used heavy moisturizers and body exfoliators before but never a mask. I have never even considered applying a mask to my arms, legs, stomach or back and shoulders but I can see how they could be beneficial.

Unfortunately, creating DIY body-masks are more difficult than face-masks because certain ingredients like clay and algae are expensive and can be hard to find. So store bought masks are probably the way to go for at home users. And if you’re attempting to mask your back you may need a buddy to help you out!

I most likely won’t do body masks weekly or even monthly but I can see myself utilizing them when I want my skin to looks its best!





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