Get Active, Not Cozy!

Winter is coming (for most of us)! The first thing I want to do when it gets cold is put on my biggest hoodie and have a warm beverage by the fire. I’ll usually stay in that state until I notice the weight gain associated with being so inactive. But this year I have decided to end that cycle and try my best to maintain an active lifestyle even if there is snow on the ground!

Outdoor Activity Options:

Now if you’re brave and bundled up enough to endure the cold there are a ton of activities you can do to stay active. Besides the obvious, skiing and snowboarding, there are quite a few other things you can do that don’t involve going to the top of a mountain. For example, ice skating, which a lot of the time is indoors meaning you can most likely get some hot cocoa to help you stay warm. Ice-skating is a great way to get out of the house, get some exercise and even learn a new skill.

And if the roads won’t allow you to travel much, the snow brings many activities right to your door. Shoveling, while necessary, can also keep you get moving and this helps prepare you for other activities too. Like building a snow man or a snow cave and having a snow ball fight. It’s free and can tire the kids out quickly! You can even find a nearby hill and go sledding! Then you can always end the night by roasting marshmallows at the fireplace or over a fire pit outside—since now you’ve earned it!

Indoor Activity Options:

And if you’re like me then your main goal is to avoid the cold all together! So to start if you have any workout equipment at home, use it! Put on some festive movie or TV show and run or bike while you watch. Also if you have a gym membership that you’re paying for, use it!

Once you’ve gotten sick of staying home or are avoiding working out at all costs, I’m giving you permission to go shopping! Go walk around your local malls and shops, this will keep your feet moving and you may even get ahead of your Christmas shopping for once.

Malls and arcades are greats options for winter activities; you can usually find an indoor mini-golf or laser tag. You may even be able to find a roller rink and finally have an opportunity to bust out your roller blades from the 90’s. Your body will thank you for all the activity, making getting back in shape for summer a bit easier.

Diet for Winter Energy:

Last thing to keep in mind is to eat a diet that will keep you energized to want to stay active, and I don’t just mean eating sugar cookies.

First things first, stay hydrated and consume your recommended amount of water. I know it gets boring but it’s necessary, add some citrus or mint to spice it up if needed.

Second is protein and healthy fats! To be sure you have enough healthy fat in your diet eat nuts, seeds and oils. A couple of easy ways to get enough protein in your diet include eating eggs, Greek yogurt and lean meats like chicken and fish.

And lastly, if you’re still feeling sluggish after beefing up your diet try an all natural energy supplement that can provide needed vitamins and minerals to enhance and maintain your energy even on the coldest of winter days! Try KBA’s Energy supplement to help get you through this season feeling energized all day, everyday! Staying active will help keep your mind off the cold and dread winter a little less, because hibernating is unfortunately not an option!

By Paige Peterson


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