More than S’mores!

So at this point you’ve seen our FREE Outdoor E-cookbook and how many recipes can actually be made over your already loved and enjoyed campfire.

But beyond just using the flames to makes various dogs and s’mores, it’s been said that campfires actually have health benefits.

Yes, you heard me right, sitting around a campfire may be beneficial to your health whether you’re eating or not!

Health Benefits of Campfires

Beyond providing light when dark, heat when cold, and a way to cook food and even sanitize, campfires and the act of sitting around them has been found to benefit humans in various ways.

Many find that by gathering with others around a fire the main attraction is the fire, and most find this makes conversation more easy flowing and open. Some also find they recall the past more often, once their mind wonders beyond the flames, allowing for time to reflect.

Watching the flames is also said to help calm and relax us and to be very helpful in lifting spirits due to appreciating this ancient and basic type of socializing.

I know for me personally, focusing only on the people around me and the flames helps me to appreciate them more and detach from the modern world for a bit.

Even beyond that, there have been studies done showing how campfires and the relaxed ambiance they inspire can actually help lower blood pressure too!

But unfortunately you can’t use substitute TV or computer flames to reap these benefits.

So take advantage of the nicer weather on the horizon and do something good for your body, mind, and stomach!

Here are 2 Sweet Treat Recipes from our FREE Outdoor E-cookbook!


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