Campfire Foods

I don’t know about you guys but I am so happy to see the grass turning green again and to be able to walk my dog without needing four layers on.

Spring is finally here and that means outdoor cookouts and hopefully campfires (depending on moisture levels) are back in season too.

Some of my favorite memories are of family and friends getting together around a fire and just enjoying each other’s company, catching up, sharing stories etc … but a girl’s got to eat to!

Which brings me our KBA Outdoor E-Cook Book, which is full of meals and treats you can make while hangin’ out by the fire.

And NO, I don’t just mean s’mores, but you can’t go wrong with those either!

The KBA Outdoor E-cook book is full of recipes that are great for outdoor eating and festivities. From hot dogs and vegetarian options to sweet treats and snacks, there is something in this e-book for everyone.

Over 30 recipes to choose from!

But lets start with one of my favorites, a savory and delicious dinner recipe. It’s a spin on a classic PLUS it has bacon. Need I say more?

And don’t worry about turning a clothes hanger or anything else in your house into a skewer to cook your hot dog over the flame. KBA has you covered when it comes to marshmallow roasting sticks and campfire foods.

Here is a picture of everything included when you buy a set of our KBA Roasting Sticks!

Click here to learn more about them:

And Download the Roasting Sticks Outdoor E-Cook Book here:

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