Green is Great for You!

I don’t know about you, but more than once throughout my health and fitness journey, drinking green tea has been suggested to me as something to add to my routine.

So like most of us, I went out and bought some green tea, drank it for a couple of days and then gave up!

But I feel like, now more than ever, tea is being suggested as a weight loss tool and a detoxifying aid for the body.

That being the case, I decided to look further into green tea in order to hopefully convince myself to try it again!

And here is what I found…

Green Tea Benefits

Overall Health

To start, green tea is full of antioxidants (which you already know are awesome for you), and these help to protect your body’s cells from damage.

It’s also great for stimulating brain activity short term due to its caffeine content, which encourages the neurons in the brain to fire. But it’s also been said to help improve brain activity long term too.

And you shouldn’t have the jitters because it’s not as strong as coffee. But that being said, many actually claim they have more sustainable energy with green tea vs. coffee.

Green tea can also help to kill bacteria, potentially helping to lower risk of infections it the mouth and even the flu.

Weight loss

Green tea is said to be great for fat burning and boosting the metabolism, plus the small caffeine boost helps to keep you alert and hopefully more physically active!

And most found that the fat burning boost they got from green tea is surprisingly focused in the ever-stubborn abdominal area too. Yay!

Green tea may also help to shed a couple pounds, however there are many that don’t experience a significant increase in weight loss with green tea. Meaning the scale won’t change much even though it may help with burning fat.

I think it goes without saying that green tea can benefit most people, many sources even consider green tea to be one of the healthiest things you can drink!

Now what about Matcha?

Matcha Vs. Green Tea

Right off the bat, matcha and green tea come from the same plant and therefore have many of the same properties. I think it’s safe to assume that a majority of the benefits you attain from green tea, you will also get from matcha.

But is there more?

Yes, matcha is unique, because unlike traditional black or green teas, where you steep the leaves and discard them in order to drink the tea, with matcha you will consume the leaves too.

For matcha the green tealeaves are ground down into a powder, which can be stirred or mixed into a cup of water, you then drink both water and powder/leaves. This makes matcha a more potent mix of the beneficial nutrients contained in green tea.

And yes, matcha can boost your energy more than green tea too. But it’s not only because of its higher caffeine content, it’s also because matcha has L-theanine, which helps to trigger alertness. Many have described feeling alert, but calm, and having no jitters after consuming matcha.

Just think of matcha as green tea 2.0!

Bottom Line

It doesn’t seem like you can go wrong with either option! Whether you choose green tea or matcha, the basic benefits will be the same.

Overall green tea is great for your health, but that doesn’t mean just anything with green tea in the name is healthy. Which is fine, but don’t order a sugary matcha latte at Starbucks and consider it a part of your healthy diet!

Maybe try switching your morning coffee with green tea or matcha and see how you feel. It’s not going to be loved by everyone, but what healthy food or beverage is?

If nothing else green tea is an easy way to add some nutrients and hydration to your body, all with a small cup of tea!

We can do that right?

AND if you are interested in giving green tea/matcha a try then check out our BRAND NEW Green Energy Blend Tea!

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Plus you can serve it three different ways!

  1. Brewed– when tea bags are steeped in hot water (3-5 min) and then discarded, you will get more of a green tea experience!
  2. Chilled – once you have steeped your tea like above, pour it over ice and enjoy in during the summer or even on the go!
  3. Blended– if you want a more potent taste and all the matcha benefits possible, try tearing open the tea bag and blending the powder with ice water or into your favorite smoothies!

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