Citrus it is!

So now that we know how awesome berries are for our health, I want to make sure that their more acidic cousins aren’t forgotten either!

I’m talking about citrus fruits! 

And yes, they do have more to offer than just Vitamin C, but I’ll take the immune system boost any day, and so should you!

Unfortunately I’m not JUST talking about adding more orange juice or other citrus juices from the store to your diet. Because the best way to reap all of the amazing benefits of citrus fruits, is to eat them whole!

The 5 Best Citrus

Fruits for Your Health


  • To start, the low calorie nature of this fruit makes it an obvious choice for those trying to lose weight. But it’s also a great source of vitamins A & C, which both help protect and improve skin by encouraging collagen production. Its potassium, lycopene and choline presence help lower blood pressure and to maintain a healthy heart. While its fiber content aids with digestion, and its high water content (91%) can help to hydrate the body. Plus they aren’t overly sour so most people can eat them whole no problem, you just need the right spoon!


  • The high amounts of vitamin C in this fruit make it a great choice for protecting your immune system year round. But lemons also contain folic acid, which is said to aid in heart health and may help reduce the risk of stroke.  And since lemons contain the most citric acid of any fruit, they are great for those suffering from kidney stones, and may help deter future ones from forming. Plus you can easily add lemon juice to any beverage for added flavor and nutrients, not to mention their great for detoxifying the body!

Blood Orange

  • While still being a great source of Vitamin C, blood oranges also contain folic acid, vitamins B9 & A, and even calcium—making blood oranges great for immunity, heart health, your skin and bones! But the most unique thing about blood oranges is that they contain anthocyanin which gives them their red color. But beyond that, anthocyanin, (also found in blueberries) can help protect your cells from oxidative damage, which may also help improve/maintain our memories as we age.


  • Oranges are low calorie and are primarily made of carbs and water with a little protein and fat. And on top of the Vitamin C benefits, oranges can help promote clear and healthy skin by fighting damage and protecting it from pollution. And since they contain potassium they can also help reduce blood pressure and are great for your cardio vascular health.  There is also some fiber found in oranges, but you can only get it when eaten whole. Luckily oranges are one of the easiest citrus fruits to eat where ever you are, just peal and go!


  • Limes can help keep blood sugar stable due to their soluble fiber, which makes them slower to digest.  It also contains healthy acids that can help remove dead skin cells when applied directly to skin.  The acid can also help to break down food to help with overall digestion. And as for weight loss, the citric acid in limes can help to burn fat, while maintaining blood sugar levels and keeping your heart healthy. Plus its vitamin C content can help fight off colds and even help your body absorb more iron!

Bottom Line

You can’t go wrong by adding more citrus fruits into your diet!

Overall citrus fruits are low in calories; contain fiber and tons of great vitamins and minerals that your body can benefit from! They help to protect your heart, your blood pressure, digestive system and even your skin!

Plus citrus fruits are good for your brain too, due to their anti-inflammatory properties. Citrus can help to protect brain cells from deterioration and even help improve brain function.

And yes, you’ll get the most out of them when eaten whole, but that doesn’t mean you have to everyday. You can totally supplement a bit with juicing, natural juices, teas, powders etc. every serving helps!

Without a doubt citrus fruits are great for your health, and the benefits can be found and seen inside and out!

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