Skip Cold Season!

Every year is the same, as summer ends and the school year begins, everyone’s germs get intermingled and begin cultivating into the common cold. If you go to any sort of school or work in an office setting, once one person catches something contagious it’s just a matter of time before you and everyone else has to deal with a cold or cold like symptoms.

When the symptoms start, most think its just seasonal allergies, which in some cases can be true. But it’s hard to determine the difference between allergy and cold symptoms from the beginning, and so many of us go out into the world in our most contagious state and infect those around us without knowing it.

Now we have all heard–I’m sure more than once–that we should wash our hands more often and eat and an apple a day. But there are actually quite a few other things you can do in order to help prevent a cold or at least make it less detrimental to your everyday life.

The common cold can enter the body through your mouth, eyes or nose. This means the only way to truly avoid the cold is to stay away from people completely, which would be pretty difficult. So if you’re someone who can’t just hibernate during cold season, than you’ll need to figure out how to best prepare your body for the inevitable.

Preparing your Body for Cold Season:

While keeping our hands clean and eating certain things can help, there are actually a number of additional things that can help keep your immune system strong even if you end up getting the cold despite all your efforts.

To start, do your best to reduce stress, which can surprisingly affect your immune system quite a bit. Whether that means doing daily yoga or simply avoiding those individuals that cause unnecessary stress, do it for your health!

Next is making sleep or rest in general more of a priority. Quit staying up late catching up on mindless shows or stalking people on social media and let your mind and body rest so that you’re more ready and alert for the next day.

And of course make fluids a main part of your diet. Take water with you everywhere and drink it all throughout the day. Not only does your body love water, regardless of the season, but staying hydrated can also help thin out mucus, making coughing and blowing your nose easier and more effective.

Vitamins and Minerals for Immunity:

If you’re like me, then natural remedies are your preferred method of prevention versus stocking up on over the counter medicines that often have their own side effects. But you can stock up on vitamins and minerals naturally by either modifying your diet or by adding natural supplements to your regimen.

Three vitamins to keep on hand to avoid getting sick are Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin D. And 2 minerals to be sure you’re getting enough of are Zinc and Selenium.

KBA’s supplement lineup is great for immune system defense. Our Pine Needle Powder, Pine Needle Tea and even our Radiance are full of Vitamins A and C. While our Pine Pollen and Energy supplements contain Vitamin D and Zinc. These supplements can be easily added into your daily routine along with the above-mentioned body care to help you escape cold season unscathed


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