Weights, Resistance & Strength!

Spinning, plyometric exercises and yoga are great options for at home workouts that don’t require a ton of equipment. But for those who crave using weights and/or resistance bands and really want to target certain muscles groups, then at home strength training fits the bill.


Strength Training

This type of training uses resistance in order to generate repeated muscle contractions to build strength and size. Body weight exercises can also create enough resistance to cause muscle contractions, but after awhile adding resistance is inevitable if gaining strength and size is your goal.

Most people think that traditional strength training happens in a gym, and for those who don’t have access to equipment, paying that monthly fee makes sense. But if you’re like me and over the years have accumulated even just basic equipment you can get great results. If you have a set of dumbbells, kettle bells, a medicine ball or a resistance band set then you can get started on strength training today.


Benefits of Weight Training:

One obvious benefit of weight training is building muscle. Many people want to build long lean muscle while others want more size and definition. Your goal will determine how you train and how often.

For example: if size is your goal, you will most likely want to train with heavier weights meaning fewer repetitions, training each muscle group a couple of times a week. If lean muscle is your thing then you want to shoot for more repetitions with a lower weight, but the weight still needs to induce muscle contractions.

Weight training can also help boost your metabolism. Your metabolism and body temperature are elevated while you train and continue afterwards, helping to burn fat for up to 72 hours. Weight training can also reduce injuries and even strengthen your bones!


Benefits of Resistance Band Training:

I know most people don’t like to put a price on their health, but let’s be real, there is one. So if buying dumbbells and all this equipment still doesn’t have you convinced then resistance bands could be perfect for you.

Bands are very cost effective; you can find many sets for under $20 and most come with instructions and exercise examples. Plus bands take up almost no storage space, which makes them great for at home workouts and for traveling.

You can easily get an efficient full body workout with just resistance bands, or you can combine them with other equipment if needed. Resistance bands, like weights, are just tools to help push you beyond your bodyweight workouts to give you more results. And they can be used by anyone, regardless of your fitness level.

Resistance & strength training does not have to become your full workout routine and you still don’t have to go running to a gym. But if you’re looking for more or you want to target certain muscles groups, then adding strength training workouts a couple times a week could help!


Dumbbell/Kettle bell/Resistance Band Exercises  Muscles Targeted
Triceps Extension Triceps
Bicep Curl Biceps
Chest Press Chest, triceps, shoulders
Bent Over Row Back, shoulders, biceps
Shoulder Press Shoulders, Triceps
Squat Quads, glutes, hamstrings
Calf Raises Calves
Deadlift Hamstrings, glutes
Glute Bridge Glutes, quads, hamstrings
Lunge Quads, Glutes









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