Water Infusion

Water… well, we can’t live without it! And somehow even though water also makes up 60 +% of our bodies we are still responsible for consuming it in large amounts daily!

No, you don’t have to drink the recommended amount of water to survive but you would be surprised what amazing benefits are possible when your body is actually hydrated properly.

H2O Benefits

First things first, how much water should YOU drink daily?

Don’t worry, I Googled it for you, and a general guideline is to try to drink between half an ounce to an ounce of water for each pound you weigh. For example; A 150 lbs person should drink anywhere from 75 to 150 ounces of water a day to remain appropriately hydrated  (Keep in mind this is only a guideline and depending on your physical activity and diet the numbers may vary).

It’s said that water helps to maximize physical performance, energy and even brain function. Water can also help to prevent and treat headaches and constipation. And don’t forget it’s your best friend after a night of drinking!

But water is even great for those of us who want to shed a few pounds! When your body’s water content is adequate, water can help you feel fuller longer and even help to boost your metabolic rate. And lastly, water alone can help to detox the body naturally!

But should you be infusing your water so it can do more…?

Infused Water Benefits

So right off the bat if you think water is boring, infusing it with fruits etc. is a great way to change up the flavor and still get all the benefits from the water itself.

But it’s said that only roughly 20% of the nutrients in the soaking ingredients will actually make its way into the water and ultimately your body. Meaning that while you’ll get a little nutritional boost, it probably isn’t enough to make a noticeable difference.

Many suggest, especially if you like to infuse citrus, to just squeeze the juice into the water instead, more flavor and nutrients! Or even try mixing fruit powders directly into your water if nutrients are your main priority.

Bottom Line

As far as infused water vs. regular H2O, I think it’s an experience and flavor preference more than anything else. The main objective for most is just getting multiple liters of water down daily. But if infusing your water helps you to do that then it’s worth it, but it’s certainly not necessary!



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