Attack Acne Naturally!

There are very few people out there, if any, that can say they have never had to deal with acne. It is just simply a part of everyone’s life at some point.

And if you are anything like me, you’ve dealt with it a lot!

Acne is more than just a blemish it can affect your mood, behavior and self-confidence. And unfortunately we live in a society where your outward appearance holds a lot of weight, whether we want to admit it or not.

So whenever there is an out right cure, I’m sure I’ll be in line with the rest of you to get it! But until then, it’s a trial and error process to try and find what works for you because almost no medicine or topical treatment works the same for everyone.Lucky for us there are many, many, many choices, you just have to pick the right one, easy right

Acne’s Many Ages:

The first time most of us start to see acne emerge is when puberty starts its ever so fun process. So while your dealing with changing hormones, new unexplainable hair, you’re also dealing with acne on top of it all.

Then, after the bulk of puberty is over and you’re securely in your adult bod, you still are probably dealing with the occasional break out. At this point you have most likely found the right scrub or cleanser to handle your occasional or even monthly breakout, and you just deal with the acne as it comes.

Now when you head off to college and you’re considered an “adult” your acne may have slowed down or even completely gone away. But don’t get too excited, because adult acne is also extremely common!

It seems that no matter how much we try, acne it is quite difficult to control at any age. Now dealing with my own adult acne, I’ve tried a different approach to fighting it.

Instead of solely targeting the acne, I’ve decided to focus on just how to have healthy skin in general and focus on the cause of my acne, rather than addressing it only after the fact.

Ways to Healthier Skin:

The jury is still out on how much the actual food you consume affects your acne. But your diet can still play a role in determining the vitamins and minerals you consume which can affect your skin’s health.

Vitamin A and Zinc are known to aid in your skin’s health while also combating acne, and both can be found in topical treatments or in supplements.

It has been said that Vitamin A is most affective topically for acne treatment, and is usually in retinoid creams that can be very effective. But there are also oral supplement options.

Zinc can be used topically or taken as an oral supplement as well. In supplement form Zinc can help to decrease oil production, leading to fewer clogged pores and therefore less acne.

Keep in mind you don’t want to take too much of Vitamin A or Zinc without checking with your doctor.

If you are seeking a supplement that can provide Zinc and Vitamin A in an all-natural way, check out our Radiance Hair, Skin and Nails supplement. Radiance contains Goji Berry, Pineapple and Orange which all contain Zinc to help fight acne. But it also contains Pine Needle, which contains Vitamin A as well as anti-oxidants that can help fight aging and wrinkles!

Radiance is a skin health machine! Give it a try today!




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