Protect Your Top-coat!

As I’m sure you have heard multiple times in your life, because I know I have, your skin is your body’s largest organ!

Unfortunately our skin is also the easiest organ to damage, since it is the outer most layer, it is your body’s first line of defense and plays a huge role in protecting your other organs.

We get scrapes, bruises and even scars as we grow up. Along with trying to heal injuries, it’s important to keep your skin healthy 365 days a year.

Daily Damage:

Skin damage in general is quite difficult to reverse naturally, so if you can prevent damage up front, you’ll save yourself headaches and probably money in the long run.

Everyday we go out into the sun without some sort of SPF we are damaging our skin. I know that is terrible news to those of us who love to lay out and get a good tan, but unfortunately it is the truth.

And don’t even think about getting into a tanning bed, because that’s even worse!

Now if you avoid the sun at all costs without protection then sun damage is obviously something you don’t need to be concerned with. However the sun is not the only thing that can damage your skin.

Did you ever think that your very relaxing and hot shower can actually damage your skin?

Well, surprise, it can!

I’m not saying you have to take cold showers from now on, but you do have to restore the moisture and oils that the hot water strips from your skin. So just be sure that shortly after your hot water submersion you take some time to replenish your skin properly to avoid damage.

Topical Options:

To avoid the above-mentioned damage, there are a few topical options available.

For my sun lovers you’ll need to consider changing to self-tanning mousses and lotions. While it costs more than sitting outside, you wont have to deal with sun damage when you’re older.

And if being tan is of little or no concern to you, perhaps just making daily moisturizing a priority is all you need to do.

Whether you have dry or oily skin, moisturizing is a must! So keep an eye out for good moisturizers (no they don’t have to be expansive) and keep them on hand.

Sensational Skin Vitamins:

When trying to improve your skin’s health, you need to focus on what goes inside your body as well.

This means your daily diet and even the vitamins you take.

To improve your skin through diet, you’ll need to add more fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats onto your plate, and avoid refined sugars and simple carbs.

If you feel that even after adjusting your diet accordingly you’re not seeing much improvement, perhaps you need to turn to vitamins and supplements that can help make up for what your diet is lacking.

Here is a list of the top 9 Vitamins that affect your skins health:

Vitamin A

Vitamin C

Vitamin E

Vitamin D

Vitamins K

Vitamins B3

Vitamin B5

There are many supplements out there that focus on skin health and contain many of the vitamins you need to improve it from the inside out. These supplements can be easily added into your skin care routine and can help keep your skin looking and feeling its best!

Here are some suggestions from KBA’s lineup!

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