Are Hair Masks the Answer?

Am I the only one who has noticed how much cosmetic masks have blown up over the past few years? I don’t think I even heard of a hair mask until 2012 and then didn’t really start using them until 2015. But now you can go to any grocery store, department store, or clothing store to find a mask to suit your needs.

At any given time I have 1-5 face-masks on hand and 1-5 hair masks that I rotate through. I am not a regular or even weekly masker. But at least monthly I indulge in a mask or two, and especially if I have something coming up I want to look my best for. I’m curious, how much good are these masks doing?


Are masks worth it?


Let’s find out by starting at the top… of your head!



Know Your Hair

Like with any mask, selection is key! You need to know 2 things before selecting a hair mask:


  1. What are your hair issues (dry, brittle, damaged, dull etc.)?
  2. What is your hair type (thick, thin, coarse, curly, fine etc.)?



For example, I have long fine hair and a lot of it so it’s on the thicker side. In general I look for masks that are geared towards strengthening or anti–breakage. I do also benefit from moisturizing masks but many are oil based and can be too heavy for my fine hair making my hair look overly moisturized (greasy) and flat. So strengthening masks add the strength I need and the right amount of moisture without over doing it.

So if you at least know the above 2 things about your locks you should be able to read any hair mask label and figure out if it is right for your hair type and goals.


Are Masks Worth It?

From my own experience and after doing research online about hair structure, hair damage and the effectiveness of hair products and masks… I am slightly torn!

It seems to me that once your hair is damaged you can’t actually fix it. You can’t reconnect split ends or shove gobs of protein into your hair, because you can’t create new protein strands once they are gone. So if you’re hoping a mask can fix all your problems, you will be disappointed.

But I don’t think masks are a total waste, you just have to have realistic expectations. Essentially hair masks can help moisturize and nourish your hair deeper than regular conditioner, making it look and feel better. But it cannot repair your hair and make it like new, only new growth can do that!



This is a personal preference kinda thing!

The DIY mask will require you to gather ingredients and to create the mask yourself. You’re also most likely only making enough for a one-time use because most DIY masks don’t have much of a shelf life. But on the bright side if you already have all the ingredients then the cost is minimal, plus you know exactly what’s in it.

A store bought mask is extremely convenient. You can BUY a one-time-use mask or buy a larger quantity so you can always have your favorite mask on hand. But there will be chemicals and ingredients you are not familiar with and it will not be tailor-made for your hair.


Bottom line:

I’ll probably use both DIY and store bought hair masks moving forward and stick to my monthly or by-monthly uses. I still think that my hair benefits from an occasional mask even if it can’t fix everything. But I definitely won’t buy any overly expensive ones based on their exaggerated promises anymore. Hair masks don’t have to break the bank to be effective. Because above all ingredients are key, get or make what works with your hair type and you’re golden!






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