Weights & Wrinkle Prevention!

I know that exercise takes time and obviously effort to be beneficial to your health, but exercise really does do so much more than just tone your muscles. There are many internal and external benefits to regular exercise. And today we are going to cover the many ways that exercise can actually enhance your health and even your beauty, naturally!



Improve Skin   

So, lets start with our biggest organ, the skin! As you workout your skin goes through a lot. As your temperature and heart rate rise you increase blood circulation to the skin giving you an immediate ‘flush’ or ‘glow’ afterwards. This afterglow is great for those who love instant gratification, but long-term improvements are also possible.

Now that I’m 25 covering greys and wrinkle prevention are things I will start to prioritize. Exercise is a great way to do that. Exercise supports collagen production, which helps to keep my skin firm, supple and elastic for a more youthful look.

Exercise can even help improve acne. Perspiration detoxifies your skin and even helps to cleanses your pores. But if you have acne prone skin you’ll need to wash your face immediately after working out and sweating to reap these benefits but still avoid breakouts.



Improve Hair

In order to have healthy hair you need good blood flow, and we already know that exercise if great for that. The nutrient and oxygen rich blood that circulates during workouts, and after workouts, can help stimulate hair follicles and promote growth. Exercise can also help protect your locks by reducing stress that could possibly make them brittle. Just help your hair out and avoid too much heat or elastics (like rubber bands) and your hair will be strong and beautiful!




Lose Fat

Not only will you lose excess body fat from regular exercise but also visceral fat. Visceral fat is the fat that you can’t see or measure. This type of fat is found around your abdominal organs and exercise helps to burn visceral fat more efficiently reducing inflammation. Regular exercise can keep your body in fat burning mode for days, and who doesn’t want that!



Improve Confidence

Last but not least, and easily the most important part, is self-confidence. You may think that all of the benefits from exercise are only on the surface, but that’s far from the truth. With the condition of your skin, hair and body improving you wont be able to help but feel the difference in your everyday life.


It’s been said that our self-worth is greatly affected by our energy level. By maintaining a regular exercise schedule your energy levels stay up which leads to a better mood for you and everyone around you.


At the end of the day there are many more reasons you need to exercise vs. reasons not to. And the best part is the amount of options that are out there. Whether you’re committed to a gym or to your garage, find what works for you. Carve out some “me time” to work up a sweat 3-4 times a week, you wont regret it!






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