New Year, New Habits!

Making New Year’s resolutions are great, but they have to last longer than just the month of January. You’ll notice this if you attend a gym, the first few weeks of the New Year are busy and then it slowly levels back out. This is around the time many of us have given up on some or all of our resolutions for one reason or another. Don’t be that person again!


I think the secret to creating new & sustainable healthy habits is similar to the diet and exercise changes we have already touched on, which means starting slow. These new habits don’t have to be huge changes, like joining a gym, to make an impact. These habits can be as simple as moisturizing more often or as ambitious as running everyday. You can start with smaller changes and add more as you develop new goals throughout the year, just start somewhere. Use the smaller starter habits to prove to yourself that you can indeed turn a resolution into a habit.


Below are the 5 habits I will be starting in 2019 and hopefully ending with:


1. Make the Bed Daily

This may seem like a silly one, but I’ve heard it from a few people that making your bed every morning is beneficial and I can see how this makes a difference. For me, making the bed tells the brain and body that rest time is over; it makes your room look cleaner and makes getting back into bed and pulling the covers back more satisfying. It’s simple enough to do, so why not!


2. Consistent Skincare Regimen

As someone who has had skin issues most of their life, I think this one is always the hardest to keep up, but the benefits are there. For me, I need to be consistent in washing my acne prone skin and keeping my eczema prone skin hydrated year-round. I think I have the right products for the job; I just need to be continually using them every morning and night to see the results I want.


3. Walk More Daily

This can mean many different things for different people. For example, since I have a dog and no yard, I want to make it a habit to walk my dog more times a day and for longer periods. If you don’t have an animal to walk this could just mean using your break times at work to get some steps in and your body moving. The goal is really just to get off your butt and out of your head, more times throughout the day, hopefully leaving you more refreshed.


4. Eat In More Often

This goes hand-in-hand with changing your diet. Eating out less will lead to fewer temptations, cravings and fewer cheats on your diet. Dining in also means your saving money, since eating out only gets more expensive each year. But this will also force you to use your kitchen and get more creative with the menus and meals you can create at home.



5. Consistent & Natural Supplementation

When it comes to vitamins and supplements there is no truer statement than “consistency in key,” especially when it comes to all natural regimens. Natural vitamins and supplements usually need to be taken continuously over time to build up in your system and to see all the benefits. So to put it simply, take your all natural supplements every single day! My daily supplements right now include; a multi-vitamin,  Mosea Elements Radiance for my hair, skin and nails and Pine Needle Tea for the immunity boosting properties.


Creating these new and healthy habits is a great way to kick-start your year but maintaining them is the difficult part. By starting with a few small habits and fully integrating those, it only becomes easier to add more. Make it your life goal to get better each year, one small change at a time!


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