Simply Spinning!

Previously we’ve talked about plyometric workouts being a good option for those who want to workout at home. I want to continue this series and for the next few weeks bring you different types of workouts you can do on your own at home or in the gym.

When I think of spinning I picture these intense 60-90 minute classes where everyone looks like a professional, and not to mention the fees add up quickly. If going to the gym and attending these intense classes is right up your alley, then by all means stretch that dollar and take them all, you will look and feel great!

BUT if the above description sounds a little intimidating and you’ve got a bike at home just collecting dust, you can still get in a good workout, you just need the right tools!


                What is spinning?

Spinning or indoor cycling is usually a class type of workout you could find at nearly every gym. Equipment needed for this exercise is a stationary bike, shoes that work with your bike and some water to keep close by. Spinning primarily falls into the cardio category, so be prepared to breathe and sweat heavily

There are many different types of workouts you can do while cycling. For example you could take classes like HIIT (high intensity interval training) that involves periods of all-out effort or speed followed by rests. Or you could try a Rolling Hills based class, which involves increasing the resistance to simulate hills and then rest periods throughout. Those are only two of the many different classes offered.

Personally I’m an at home spinner and instead of only doing workouts that I can think of I use the Internet to find new workouts or to inspire ones I already love. You can look at Pinterest or my personal favorite, YouTube, to find new workouts everyday. You can watch a class at home and use the participants in the video to make you push yourself harder.


Spinning Benefits:

I think one major benefit to spinning is the amount of calories you burn. Even a normal ride at moderate intensity can burn 420-622 calories in an hour. Now I’m not saying sitting on the bike for an hour will burn those calories for you, it’s up to you to push yourself to get the most out of it.

And on top of burning those calories and that body fat, you’re also building and defining your muscles. Spinning and sweating will naturally lean your whole body out but this type of workout will primarily target your leg and core muscles. 

Like most cardio-based workouts your heart and lungs will be working hard. Spinning can improve your heart health and your lung capacity. You’ll notice as you ride more often that your heart rate won’t spike like it used to and you’ll be better at controlling your breathing.

Finally, spinning at home is great because you can set your own pace, don’t take it too easy though, you still need to feel the burn. And learning to push yourself in your workouts can really translate into your everyday life.

Regardless of what workouts you choose to do, having a daily exercise regimen not only improves your body but also your mind. Use the endorphins you get from exercise and take on the day looking and feeling better!


Spinning Workout Example: 


0-5min Warm up Easy
5-7 Increase resistance Moderate
7-8 Stand up! Intense
8-10 Decrease resistance/Rest Easy
10-12 Increase resistance Moderate
12-13 Stand up! Intense
13-15 Decrease resistance/Rest Easy
15-17 Increase resistance Moderate
17-18 Stand up! Intense
18-20 Decrease resistance/Rest Easy
20-22 Increase resistance Moderate
22-23 Stand up! Intense
23-25 Decrease resistance/Rest Easy
25-27 Increase resistance Moderate
27-28 Stand up! Intense
28-30 Cool Down Easy
30-35 Stretch! You Did it!













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