Schizandra berries – your super herbal skin ally!

You long for vibrant health and for healthy, flawless skin, yet to nourish and balance the largest organ of your body it takes limitless patience and a pinch of trial and error to find what works best for you.

Dermatologists can work wonders for some of their patients, but true, long-lasting healing comes when natural treatments and herbal remedies become a part of your daily regimen. To restore your skin after years of mistreatment is no easy task, but Schisandra Chinensis, commonly known as either schisandra or schizandra berry, is ready and waiting to help you out.

To reduce signs of aging, there are many simple things you can do:

For starters, you can limit your time spent out in the sun – avoid sitting outside during the hottest part of the day and always cover up when necessary, forgo the chemical sunscreen with endocrine disruptors and opt for an alternative homemade solution with almond, coconut, carrot seed and raspberry oils along with shea butter.

It is also essential to get enough (quality) sleep, which may mean shutting off your Wi-Fi at night. You’ll also want to take steps to reduce your stress levels, consume foods rich in vitamin A and free radical fighting antioxidants.

Every bite of food you ingest, either nourishes you or takes away from your energy. And every commercially created cream that you apply to your skin either moisturizes or dries you out, other side effects may surface below the skin.

If you care deeply for the health of your skin, and your entire body working as a whole, you will eventually seek out “unorthodox” treatments.

Take a quick glance at Traditional Chinese Medicine and you will immediately discover the 5-flavor berry, schizandra, when searching for the path to flawless skin. With its anti-inflammatory effects, the schizandra berry promotes youthful skin, as it enhances skin tone and elasticity while deactivating those harmful free radicals that damage your liver cells. There is wondrous beauty in nature, feel free to use it on your face, hands and feet too!


Schizandra protects more than just the skin

The schizandra berries are also associated with improving mental function. They stimulate the central nervous system and promote mental clarity which helps immensely in the midst of a long day at work. In the body it acts similarly to caffeine, but without the side effect of nervousness – in fact, it gives you a sensation of calm as it helps you to fight off tiredness and fatigue.

Schizandra aids digestion as it increases the flow of bile, easing the digestion of fatty foods.

Most importantly, schizandra has become known for protecting the liver. It is believed that this miraculous berry can undo the damage caused by chronic hepatitis and that it can lower the levels of GPT in the blood. Because the liver is strongly tied to robust immunity, you must take care of it. Drink less alcohol, get plenty of exercise in nature, remove potential toxins from your environment and use a combination of milk thistle, dandelion and turmeric supplements, or teas, when necessary.It is also good to note that schizandra helps to promote a strong libido as well, making a positive impact on hormone production, estrogen included!



Cheryl Magyar